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Attention Administrators and Teachers!

    Sing for America is excited to announce the opportunity to bring a life-enriching experience to your school! Between September 1st  and November 11, 2016 our company will be touring PA and NJ schools with our inaugural Classics Alive Series: Edgar Allan Poe, a new and exciting way of bringing some of literature's greatest works to life as we weave through Poe's most creative and entertaining tales perfect for Middle School Audiences. The program intends to introduce students to the power of the arts, especially those who may not otherwise be exposed to live performance; and the fun, mystery, and enjoyment from an alive introduction to classic literature today tying in with your study of Edgar Allan Poe.

    Student's experiencing live theater productions can lead to greater tolerance and empathy as well as increased vocabulary and enhanced knowledge of the plot, according to new research by the University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform.

    “What we determined from this research is that seeing live theater produced positive effects that reading a play or watching a movie of the play does not produce,” said Jay Greene, Ph.D., Professor of Education Reform.
    Sing for America has a mission to empower, educate, and create an opportunity for students to stretch the imagination to its furthest reaches; an opportunity which many students may never have the chance to enjoy.

   Length of Performance: 90 minutes
   Time permitting there will be a Q&A with the actors including insight into the world of entertainment and the life and career of a professional actor. This can peak interest in the arts, thereby helping students reach their full potential in their chosen career paths.

    Cost: $1000 . Includes full performance with costumes and Q&A

     Dates are limited.
     Call with questions.
     We look forward to working with you. 610-417-2189

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